How To Setup
Voluum Tracking With Clickbank

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Clickbank Postback Tracking to Voluum

Sending Conversions from Clickbank to Voluum

It is possible to send conversions automatically from Clickbank to Voluum. The problem is that it is not as easy as inserting your Voluum postback URL into Clickbank's settings. To make use of an automated conversion reporting you will have to use Clickbanks Instant Notification Service (INS). This service can send a compilation of data to a specified URL every time a transaction occurs. We need a script to fetch this data, decrypt it, select the data we need and forward it to Voluum in a regular postback URL format. To do all this you will first need a webserver with an SSL certificate. Clickbank only allows communication with an SSL protected URL.


Activate SSL for your webserver

Activation of SSL on your webserver will be different depending on the webhost you are using. Therefore we can't give specific instructions. We recommend getting in touch with your hosting provider's support.

If you are looking for a free option to obtain an SSL certificate, check out


Get your Voluum postback URL

Gather your Voluum postback URL by logging into your account, choosing Settings and then Setup.


Request access to Clickbanks Instant Notification System

Before you can use Clickbanks Instant Notification Service you will have to request access. Login to your Clickbank account and go to Settings -> My Site. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the Advanced Tools section. Click on Edit. On the following page you will be able to request access and also to define your secret key. This key will be used to decrypt the data coming from Clickbank.

Additional Resource: Guide to Clickbanks Instant Notification Service


Download our script

Next you will need a script hosted on your secured webserver that receives the data from Clickbank and turns it into a postback URL that Voluum can understand. One option would be to reach out to a developer of your choice and have it programmed. But because we have done that already you can obtain the php script from us.

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PHP Script to send conversions from Clickbank to Voluum
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Adjust the script with your data and upload to your server

Now that you have the script you will need to make a few adjustments with the data we have gathered before. Open the php script with an editor of your choice. Notepad will do.

  1. In the section Voluum Settings paste your Voluum postback URL from Step 2. Use the postback URL without the parameters at the end. The script will add the parameters automatically.
  2. In the section Clickbank Settings paste your secret key.
  3. Leave everything else untouched if you don't know what you are doing.
  4. Upload the script to your webserver where it can be accessed through a secure URL. For example


Run Clickbank test and check Voluum stats

Go back to your Clickbank account and visit My Sites, scroll down to Advanced Tools and click Edit. Paste the URL to your script in the field Instant Notification URL. Click on TEST IPN. When the test was sucessful clickbank should start delivering information to your script.

Now gather some conversions and check if Voluum receives the conversion data.

If everything is working fine, you're done. If there is no data registering in Voluum, proceed to the Troubleshooting section at the bottom of the page.


Run your campaigns, optimize and make some serious cash

Now that your conversion reporting from Clickbank is automated, use your time to optimize your campaigns and launch new ones. We wish you good luck!

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I have conversions in Clickbank but they are not showing up in Voluum
1. Check if Clickbank's INS is sending data to your script. To see the data coming from Clickbank, you have to open up the script again and change the value of $createLog in the script settings from 0 to 1. The script will then write the data into a text file called clickbank-voluum-sync.txt. You can download this file with your FTP-Software and take a look at it. If you had conversions and there is no data in the log file then this could indicate a problem with the communication of the script and Clickbank's INS. Make sure you have set up your SSL certificate correctly and contact Clickbanks support.
2. If the log file is showing data entries from Clickbank's INS then there could be a problem in the script. Make sure your postback url and your secret key are correct. Check also if the vaule of $submitVoluum is 1 and not 0.
3. If you cannot resolve the issue, please contact us at

Can I send the postback to another tracker if I am not using Voluum?
You can send the conversion data coming from Clickbank's INS to basically any tracker that is accepting postback URLs. We have developed it for Voluum, because it's the tracker of our choice. But with a little tweaking you could change the script to send to any tracker. To do that you would need to change the values of the following parameters $cidParameterName, $payoutParameterName, $transactionParameterName to match the postback parameters of your tracker. If you need help in doing so, feel free to send us an email at